Employment background checks are a vital and necessary aspect of the interviewing and hiring process, which will ultimately identify potential hires that are a good fit for your business.  Making informed hiring decisions doesn’t just happen by chance.

When considering an applicant’s background history for a position, there are proven screening methods which are used to reduce the majority of the guesswork and indecision from the hiring process.  Knowing this information in advance will play an important and functional role in your ability to select, successfully train, and retain the best personnel for your organization.


What Do We Do?

Our service provides a comprehensive integrated menu of automated employment screening products which are supported by our cutting-edge technology and powerful data infrastructure.  These solutions are designed to deliver a virtually seamless processing integration to our clients in order to meet a diverse range of background screening requirements.

By combining our web based ordering platform functionalities and offering exceptional customer service, expedient search turnaround times, and user-friendly reports, ESP provides you with the whole picture so you can be confident in your all of your hiring decisions.  You can rest assured knowing that your background screening program will be managed professionally and efficiently.


Learn how we can customize a cost effective Consumer Screening Report for your business. Whether you are interested in pre-screening one employee or one thousand, ESP can assist you with all of your screening needs.


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At ESP we are aware of the concerns you face in the job market today.  With the alarming trend and rise in negligent hiring claims, and employee concerns makes it more critical than ever to obtain accurate information about all prospective applicants.

We are familiar with the fine line you must walk between negligent hiring practices, understanding the multitude of regulations/laws, requirements and restrictions surrounding hiring issues and employment screening discrimination.  And for all that trouble, you want to make certain that you are hiring the right personnel.

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