Hiring The Right Candidate Involves More Than Just A Strong Intuition

Employment Background checks are a crucial aspect of the hiring process that helps employers identify potential hires that are not a good fit for their company.  Making informed decisions doesn’t just happen by chance, remove all the guesswork from the hiring process.  Let us help you narrow your recruit pool to include only the most qualified candidates.

What Do We Do?

Whether you are a seasoned HR professional or are new to the entire process, conducting a thorough background check on a potential new hire is a smart investment for any business, and can never be understated.  Making informed decisions doesn’t just happen by chance, the right background employment screening company will play an important role in your ability to select and retain the right people for your organization.

Employment Screening Professionals offers comprehensive solutions which are designed to meet a diverse range of background screening needs. We specialize in developing and implementing screening solutions tailored to meet specific client needs.  With ESP, our services include exceptional turnaround time and ensure your company meets all compliance requirements.  You can rest assured knowing that your background screening program will be managed professionally and efficiently.


Learn how we can customize a cost effective Consumer Screening Report for your business. Whether you are interested in pre-screening one employee or one thousand, ESP can assist you with all of your screening needs.


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At ESP we are aware of the concerns you face in the job market today. The rise in negligent hiring claims, and employee concerns makes it more critical than ever to obtain accurate information about all of their prospective applicants.

We understand the fine line you must walk between negligent hiring practices and employment screening discrimination.  And for all that trouble, you want to make certain that you are hiring the right personnel.  We understand your key considerations, and know our way through the multitude of laws, requirements and restrictions surrounding hiring issues.

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