Who We Are

Employment Screening Professionals, is a trusted provider of legally FCRA compliant employment background screening solutions.  Since its inception, ESP has developed a systematic and comprehensive background screening model which has enabled our clients to not only manage the risks associated with the hiring process, but also to remain cost prohibitive and significantly increase employee retention rates.

Since our acquisition in 2008, ESP has been your trusted resource within the employment screening industry. With more than 30  years of expertise, our staff of professionals know how to perform your research in the timeliest manner, while uncovering valuable information-which may be beyond the reach and capabilities of our competitors.

Company Profile

Our experienced staff of professionals specialize in conducting comprehensive, timely, and accurate background investigations that will not only augment your existing job interview and application process, but will virtually all but eliminate the guesswork from the hiring process. Our highly trained personnel have the level of education, skill, and talent necessary to circumvent all the confusion, unanswered questions, doubts, and exaggeration that is generally encountered when performing employee background research.  In doing so, we are able to provide your company or business with the vital accurate information it needs in order to make a confidant and successful hiring decision. One of the most significant competitive advantages in business is having the ability to properly match up and hire the right individual(s) for the position; the first time.  Let ESP help you achieve this objective.